Why Ezitrack vehicle tracking?
The simple answer is: increase your profit by eliminating wastage you can’t measure or control without GPS tracking.

Today’s competitive business environment does not allow for waste of time, equipment or fuel lost to ineffective fleet routing, improper use of equipment, loss or theft of equipment and personal time use. These are all factors that lower productivity levels. By tracking your fleet, your equipment and your staff you’ll profit from eliminating wasted time, fuel and unauthorised use of your vehicles.

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Here are a few of the most common benefits of Ezitrack:

  • With Ezitrack you can see your vehicles on a map from your computer or on the go with a free cell phone app.
  • We know that you have many daily tasks to attend to. Ezitrack helps you manage your time better and gives you peace of mind knowing that your vehicles are exactly where they are supposed to be. Ezitrack lowers your fuel costs by eliminating unscheduled trips and by driving more direct routes. All of this with no long term contract.
  • Technician activities can also be monitored. The system will tell you when a technician arrived at a job site and how much time he spent on the job. This opens up the opportunity for fitting in more jobs per day, increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Taking the long way home to get some overtime, heading home for a long lunch or nap, and falsifying hours are all things of the past. Reducing overtime pay leads to more profit for your company and less strain on an already tight budget.
  • Reduce labour cost and save money.
  • No more time sheet disputes.
  • With Ezitrack, you will know exactly when your drivers start their shifts for the day, where they are, how many stops they made, and what time they completed their jobs.
  • Limit speeding and idling.
  • Increase route efficiency.
  • Eliminate unauthorized usage.
  • Give better estimated Time-of-Arrivals: if a customer wants to know where your service vehicle is or how long it will be before the technician arrives, you can easily check it real-time.
  • More Customers: when your drivers know they are being tracked, they become more efficient at each job site. This allows you to serve more customers in less time, which means more money in your pocket.
  • Improve invoicing accuracy: many fleet-based businesses depend heavily on time consuming record-keeping to stay on top of invoicing responsibilities. Ezitrack can simplify this task, enabling you to keep more efficient records and save valuable time. Determine exactly how many times a particular location was visited in a given period of time and how long your vehicle remained on the premise. Exact dates and times can be produced in the case of an invoicing dispute.
  • Reduce fuel cost and save money.
  • Limit speeding: speeding wastes fuel. GPS tracking shows you who is speeding and where.
  • Unauthorised usage: you will be able to determine when vehicles are used for non-company-related business, or prove compliance using odd-hours/weekend GPS tracking reports and alerts. These capabilities can be custom fit to meet your business’s normal hours or operating practices.pic 2Improve productivity: the Ezitrack tracking system places real-time vehicle location data at your fingertips. Through our interface you can quickly login directly into the location and direction of each vehicle.

Tracking with our devices is as simple as it gets; all you need to do is to wire the unit and you are ready to go. It will be pre-configured by us and once powered, it will automatically start updating its location to our Web Based Internet Tracking Server. Your account details for the server will be supplied to you after your purchase. Our trackers will be loaded with a R29 top-up credit, which is enough to keep your tracker going for more than 30 days.

Our Tracker works with a Vodacom Pay as you Go Sim Card and there is no ongoing monthly costs or subscriptions involved. You will be managing your own costs and will only need to top-up the sim card when it runs out of credit.

All our tracking devices are supplied with a free one year subscription to our web tracking server. Thereafter it will cost R300 per year to use the web tracking server. Our server keeps log of your tracking history for 60 days, which means you can recall tracking history of an earlier date. Our software can provide detailed statistics which can be exported as printable web pages or excel sheets.

The Ezitrack vehicle tracking is very easy to install and operate, yet still provides essentials of GPS tracking, without the complication of add-ons. Basic electronics knowledge is sufficient to install this unit, as there are only two wires that you need to connect; red (live) and black (earth) wire for basic use. For more advanced installations you need to contact a qualified auto electrician, especially if your vehicles are under warranty.

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Tracking Software
Ezitrack Tracking software provides detailed reporting and mapping. While your Ezitrack Tracking devices gather information regarding the location, arrival times, departure times, speed and direction of your entire fleet, your vehicle tracking software brings all of the information together in the form of mapping and reporting, allowing you to make sense of your fleet’s activity.

Our Ezitrack tracking software works seamlessly with your GPS tracking devices to allow for faster, simpler and more effective monitoring.

You will receive your Ezitrack tracking devices fully tested, activated and ready to go, so that you can start using the software right away.

Ezitrack tracking systems and tracking software is easy to use and easy to set up. Give us a call, and we will explain how it works and give you the different options that may be best for your business. If you have any questions about your tracking system, you can contact our office and speak to a knowledgeable person for assistance in choosing the system that best fits your needs.

Advantages of Ezitrack Tracking software

  • Monitoring the current and historical performance of your vehicles allows you to better maintain your fleet for reduced wear and tear.
  • Ezitrack tracking software provides activity reports, which give you a full overview of all activity for each vehicle.
  • With Ezitrack point activity report, you can track the amount of time spent at each location.
  • Receive detailed data reports, including addresses, latitude/longitude, speed and direction heading
  • Ezitrack report export feature allows you to download reports in a variety of formats.
  • Ezitrack Tracking software uses Google Maps, which improve reliability and stability.

For more information on our services and products please visit our website www.ezitrack.co.za